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Why you should get a Criminal Record Suspension with our assistance


Employers can require that you do a criminal record check when you apply for a job. The employer will see that you have a criminal record and they can deny you a job on that basis. Many employers will not hire someone with a criminal record – especially if the job involves international travel, working with vulnerable individuals, or a position of trust involving money.


When you are embroiled in a family court matter, a Judge can take into consideration your criminal record. This may have a negative impact on whether you get custody of your children or on the conditions that you are able to see your children.

And, if you are thinking about adopting a child and you have a criminal record, you will not pass the vulnerable person check. If you have a record, you will not be deemed suitable to adopt.

CITIZENSHIP – Staying in Canada as a Permanent Resident

If you want to get your Canadian Citizenship and you have a record, know that your Citizenship application will be affected. And a criminal record can result in extradition back to your country of origin, if you are not a Canadian Citizen.


If you are in school, and getting an education for fields such as child care, businesses involving money, security, etc, having a criminal record will likely prevent you from graduating. If you do graduate, it can prevent you from getting the jobs you went to school for in the first place.


If you want to volunteer, be prepared to submit yourself to a criminal record check. And, once the organization you want to volunteer with is aware that you have a criminal record, chances are they will not risk having you volunteer with them.

Same goes for volunteering at your child’s school: you will need to submit yourself to a criminal record check, and you will not be allowed to be a driver at a field trip, for instance.


If you have a criminal record you may think travel is the least of your problems, but the fact that any border official can ask you about your criminal record and deny you entry can strongly impact your life. Imagine trying to get to an important business meeting or a family member’s funeral – and not knowing if you will be turned away at the boarder.

** The exact consequences of a criminal record are dependent on your individual circumstances. This is general information, discuss with a lawyer to find out exactly how a criminal record, and a record suspension, will affect you.

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