Experience from a defense and prosecutor perspective. Elizabete worked for the Government as a prosecutor until the Fall of 2017. Since then, she has been defending people successfully. She comes at it with a different angle, and she has the inside scoop. Whether you are charged with theft or arson, she can represent you.


Elizabete definitely has all angles covered! Previous Crown Prosecutor 2000-2017 and Private lawyer since September 2017. Elizabete successfully defends all types of criminal charges from theft to murder from impaired driving to arson. Her background in AVOIDING wrongful convictions has earned her respect and a great reputation.


On the civil sphere, she assists both sides: defendants and plaintiffs, perpetrators and victims, with a keen interest in sexual harassment cases:



An immigrant to Canada herself, with English as a third language, Elizabete is very happy to help people come to Canada, and become a Canadian Citizen. She’s got double Citizenship: a proud Luso-Canadian (Portuguese & Canadian).



Elizabete will be on your side when you’re in trouble professionally: we’re all equal flies until there’s a fly swatter in the room, then usually only one fly gets caught...

300-848 Courtney Street

Victoria, BC, V8W 1C4

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