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Civil & Human rights

Elizabete has a keen interest in the #metoo movement, both from the perspective of the victims, and from the perspective of the persons who committed the acts.

Focus on Confidentiality Agreements (also known as Non Disclosure Agreement)

I believe inappropriate sexual conduct is not dealt with appropriately by the criminal justice system, with few exceptions. Sexual assault comprises everything you can think of from a touching of a buttock to a rape. Inappropriate conduct ranges from comments to stalking. It can encompass a moment or years. 


I believe that both the persons who inflict the pain, and those who survive it are entitled to be heard.


There are more powerful venues for victims than the criminal sphere. Empowering victims is important. Allowing them to move forward is as important.


And there are more discrete venues for those who have inflicted pain--without having to bring their entire families into the public eye--for harm that one member of the family has committed.  Assisting you in making amends with the persons you affected negatively, is important to me, and I know it is important to you.

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